Freshman Year (food and friends)

The first year of college was me trying to figure out who I was. I was hanging out with various people, trying new things, and not sleeping much. I was away from home for the first time. This gave me the freedom to do whatever I wanted and EAT whatever I wanted at all hours of the night. Let me tell you, the freshman fifteen is very real. I was eating junk food and fast food 24/7 . I lived in a dorm, so all we had in our room was a tiny fridge and a microwave. This meant I was buying a lot of frozen food and heating it up later. The kitchen was a community kitchen, and it was down the hall. I was too lazy to always cook, and I didn't bring pans that year. I was always on the go from class to class or sorority event, and fast food was convenient. When finals came around, all I had was coffee and energy drinks to pull all-nighters (bad idea). I did have a meal pass which allowed me to eat at the two dining halls we have on campus. I lived near one of the dining halls which weren

Picking the Right College

I am the first in my family to go to college, so finding the " right one " was scary. I had decent grades so, I was getting scholarships to pay for most of my education. My fear was going somewhere too far from home and not being able to see my parents (and annoying sister) when I wanted to. I was also 18, so I wanted that freedom of being far enough that my parents couldn't check up on me every weekend. I wanted a fresh start. I did not want to go to a school where everyone in my high school was going. This is what helped me narrow it down. Cost   In state schools  Anything outside of my state would cost me more out of pocket and HOPE would not count  Private colleges tend to be more expensive than public colleges Is one offering more aid/scholarship money  Size  I also wanted it to be small   I didn't want to get lost  I wanted something more intimate where I could get one-on-one with my professors  You don't want to just be a number N

Roomate Freshman Year

As a freshman, it was required for students who lived more than 30 miles outside of the school's radius to live on-campus. I wanted to meet new people, so I didn't go for the single room option, which meant getting a roommate. Finding a roommate was a long but fun process. We both took these tests to see what kind of person we were (morning person, loud person, messy, etc.). In the end, you had a list from which you could pick one person to live with. I looked at the list and read their bio to see how the person was. I'm a morning person and can be messy at times, so I wanted someone in the middle as well.  After finding my person, I met with her and got to know her (to make sure she wasn't crazy or anything).We shall name said roommate  Ashley . After living with Ashley for a few months I noticed she was not going out much (other than to class) nor had any friends, so I decided to introduce her to my friends. Boy was that a mistake. After introducing her to people, s

About me

I always like reading or watching things and feeling like I can relate to the person. I think it sets the tone and gives in inside on who you are. Let's get to know me.  I'm currently a Jr in college (in the middle of now where) as most people say. I recently turned twenty-one (a few months ago), but it feels like just yesterday, I was twenty. I am a middle child with a younger sister and an older brother. I can be quiet and reserved when you first meet me, but once I warm up to you, we will be best friends. I love drinking coffee so much I'll have a couple of cups a day. This would be why I have gotten my gold card at Starbucks and have kept the gold status.   When I am not doing school work, I am either doing something with my sorority or working at my job. My schedule is crazy sometimes, but it is very much worth it. Let me know any questions you have. I love getting to know people and helping in any way I can. 

Why I decided to blog

Let's start this off by stating why I'm doing this. I decided as my Jr year of college is coming to an end that I want to remember this point in my life. I want to write about the major and minor things that happened so far. I am using this as a journal of my life that I'm willing to share with others. No, I did not write this to talk about people or shine a negative light on them. This is something for me to share my journey and be able to vent in a way. Everyone's name will be changed so that people stay private and their lives unknown. Sadly, I will not be able to include everyone but hope to talk about a lot of the people who have touched my life in some way (either good or bad). In the end, my goal is to hopefully help someone who is dealing with something I dealt with or help answer questions that people have. I will begin with my freshman year and stop at where I am now. This blog will be updated every-so-often when I get the time. Feel free to follow me on socia